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The Crockett Chronicles



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1. Young Davy By: K.R. Wood

2. Ballad of Davy Crockett By: K.R. Wood
3. Crockett's Marriages-Creek Indian Wars By: K.R. Wood

4. My Name is Davy Crockett By: Charlie Yates

5. Crockett Fiddlin' Around-Boil them Cabbages Down By: Mary Hattersley
6. Crockett the Celebrity Congressman By: K.R. Wood

7. Creek Indian War-Crockett Congress Years-Leaving Texas: Charlie By: K.R. Wood

8. Be Sure You're Right Then Go Ahead By: K.R. Wood

9. Crocket Fiddlin' Around Gone to Texas By: Mary Hattersley

10. Crockett's Letter Home to Daughter By: Charlie Yates

11. I'm With My Friends By: K.R. Wood

12. When I Came To Texas Speech from John Wayne's 1960 Alamo Movie By: Charlie Yates
13. Green Leaves of Summer: KR Wood and band On: Crockett Chronicles By: K.R. Wood

14. Republic Speach from John Wayne's 1960 Alamo Movie By: K.R. Wood

15. John McGregor Narration By: Lloyd Shelby

16. Listen to the Wind By: K.R. Wood
17. Travis' Letter By: Charlie Yates

18. Ballad of the Alamo By: K.R. Wood

19. Story of Susanna Dickenson: Susie Wood By: K.R. Wood
20. Story of Crockett's wife Elizabeth By: K.R. Wood

21. Sunrise in His Pocket By: K.R. Wood

22. Sunrise in His Pockett By: K.R. Wood

23. Davy Crockett American Hero By: K.R. Wood
24. Soldiers Joy & Whiskey for Breakfast By: Mary Hattersley
25. Flowers of Edinburg-Donneybrook By: Cara Cooke