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Texasville Memories

Songs about growing up in North Texas & the films "The Last Picture Show" and "Texasville Memories".


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1. Texasville Memories (K.R. Wood) 

2. Hey Good Lookin’ (Hank Williams)

3. Take Me Back to Texas (K.R. Wood)

4. Old Cowboy and the Kid (K.R. Wood)

5. Pecos Memory (Judy Meister-words, K.R. Wood-music)

6. A Little West of Wichita Falls (K.R. Wood)

7. Why Don’t You Love Me (Hank Williams)

8. Oil Field Blues (K.R. Wood)

9. I Can’t Help It (Hank Williams)

10. Granddad’s Homemade Stock Trailer (K.R. Wood)

11. The Last Picture Show (K.R. Wood)

12. Texasville Piano Theme (K.R. Wood & Earl Poole Ball)

13. Welcome Home Texasville (slow version) (K.R. Wood)

14. Welcome Home Texasville (fast version) bonus track (K.R. Wood)